Friday, May 15, 2009


Our time in Vienna has just about come to an end...It was rather gray and drizzly for the first full day we had here, but today was much nicer! We were met at the airport on Wednesday by Amy's friend Susi, who she had met traveling in SE Asia. Susi was amazing, and we had a lot of fun exploring with her! Needless to say she was a pro at navigating the various metro systems and we would have literally been lost without her!

We saw the Mozart museum, in one of the many apartments that Mozart occupied here in Vienna as well as wandering around the Market, and going to the Belvedere to see "The Kiss" by Gustav Klint. We even got to see a little Monet! For lunch we had a typical Viennese dish of Wiener schnitzel [breaded pork] and a HUGE mug of beer mixed with lemonade? Strange -- but good. :) Not something I need to make a daily habit, though!

Today we went out to the summer palace and had an audio-guide tour around the rooms, and the gardens. They had a fun maze with games inside, and everything was really pretty. We came back into town and then Susi took us out to a really cool museum called the Kunst Wien Haus. It's really fun, and all the floors were crooked and warped, and the fountains flowed backwards!!!!

Tomorrow we're off on a train to Budapest for a couple days! I wonder what will happen to us there....

Check out Amy's blog for picture and more details!