Sunday, May 10, 2009

Monaco, Monte Carlo, and Nice!

We moved on from Venice and Verona on the 5th to meet up with Elizabeth, Peter, and their new chocolate Labrador puppy Diamont. We were met at the station after a full day's travel including a grand total of three different trains, and taken around the city in style! To be in a car after so long was quite strange, but a much loved luxury.

On Wednesday they took us around Fontvieille, Monaco, and Monte Carlo were we got to visit the palace, and THE Monte Carlo! I felt like quite the movie star sitting at the cafe outside, sipping my lemonade, watching all the rich go by with their fancy black cars....The Grand Prix is in a couple of weeks so we also had fun watching human monkeys scrambling up the scaffolding that is going to make up the bleachers. I can now say that I have walked most of the race course of the Grand Prix!!! Next time it will be in a Ferrari. :)

On Thursday we went into Nice and walked around the old part of town, and the markets. We had a nice lunch, before being treated to a little train ride up to the top of town, where we had a magnificent view of all of Nice! I got sunburned (oh surprise....) waiting for the train to come back, and then we headed into VilleFranche-sur-mer where Peter showed us a Chapel dedicated to Saint Peter done by Jean Cocteau which was beautiful, and unlike anything i'd seen before!!! I'll have to look up more of his work when I go home. Villefranche was gorgeous – very picturesque, and had a fun tunnel system under the town left over from the days of seiges....

Friday we had fun wandering around Antibes, looking at monster boats and picking out our favorites. The boat I decided on came equipped with a helicopter! What a life!!! As I'm writing this we are on a train en route to Paris. It's a really nice train, and Amy and I are having a great time checking out all the castles along the way...
Elizabeth and Peter was so sweet, and we had so much fun with them!!! I ate more there than I think I did all semester in Florence, and all of it was FABULOUS! I'm going to leave France the size of a small house, and I shan't regret a second of it. :)

We will be in Paris until the 13th, and then hopefully be on our way to Vienna! Evan should be in the country by now, up in Amsterdam. Hopefully he got here alright! Amy and I are planning on meeting up with him in Berlin nearer the end of the month.