Saturday, December 27, 2008


Well the time has almost come for me to head out of the country! I can't believe that the semester went by so quickly, and that this trip is almost here...There's so much to do before I leave! Grad School applications, and packing are the two things looming over my head like a massive ugly black thundercloud, but saying goodbye to people is just a little surreal at the moment...

I'm in mad preparation mode at the moment, but I figured I'd give you all a heads up as to what I'll be up to on the first few days of this adventure!

On January 5th I'll be flying out of Seatac at 2:20pm to San Francisco. Once there I'll have about a 3 hour layover, and then be off on my flight to Heathrow, London at 7:50pm!

I'll arrive in London (hopefully!!!) at about 2:00pm, on January 6th, where I'm planning to meet up with family friends and spend the night. Travel Adventure #1) Collecting all necessary baggage, and getting myself on the right tube line while jet-lagged out of my mind. :) Thank goodness for super-amazing-organized Mum's who print me out line-by-line directions!!! Thanks Mum!! XXXX

After crashing in London, and waking up wonderfully refreshed the next morning, I will stagger my way back to Heathrow at some ungodly hour to catch my 7:20am flight to the Rome Airport. Once there, I'll have a delightful 7 hour layover to contemplate all things Italian, before catching the last flight up to Florence where I'll have Travel Adventure #2) Catching an Italian taxi to my new apartment.

All in all I'm beginning to feel a little like Bridget Jones.....but hey, what could possibly go wrong in 2 solid days of trans-continental travelling???

...Wish me luck!