Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pisa and Lucca

Yesterday I went on a trip to Pisa and Lucca! Pisa was gorgeous, but completely touristy, as was expected. We went on a tour of the Cathedral, the Baptristry, and the Cemetary but I decided that it wasn't worth the 15 euro to climb the tower. After taking the obligatory touristy pictures (See below...:) We walked off down a side street and found a pizzeria where i proceeded to eat almost an entire Pizzza Margertia all by myself....It was delicious!

We then got back onto our very subtle, enormously huge charter bus and trekked to Lucca. Lucca is one of the only towns in Italy that still has it's entire wall still intact. Also, by the time we actually got to Lucca it had warmed up a little, and I was able to shed one of my thousand layers. (!) We walked through the town, and then stopped for a Gelato fix before carrying on to a bicycle shop, where we rented bikes for a few hours to ride around the walls in the SUN! Bliss.....
Admittedly it took me a few minutes to relearn how to actually RIDE a bike, and then get used to riding a street bike....however! I did not crash into
anyone, maim any small children or animals, *and* I didn't hurt myself!! Mum, Dad: you should be so proud of me. ;) We went briefly into the town, but decided that the crazy Lucca drivers and motorcyclists were a little to evil for our tastes, and crossed back onto the wall.
After giving our bikes back, Karen, Jackie and I went and got delicious pancakes (real ones!!!) which nutella and powdered sugar -- talk about a sugar rush! It was amazing though, and the perfect ending to our outting. :)
Pictures on Picasa are soon to come!


Anonymous said...

Wow all of the pictures are amazing and the stories sound so fun. I know seeing 'real' architecure on the L.A. trip seemed so surreal, I can't imagine what it must be like to actually see this stuff!